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The purpose of the Agriculture Working Group (AWG) of the Association for Bahá'í Studies is to learn how to contribute more effectively and coherently to the discourses in society about agriculture in light of the truths found in the Bahá'í Writings. Baha’u’llah states that "Special regard must be paid to agriculture," adding that it must "unquestionably" precede other principles. We are led to understand that peace cannot be fully secured until the pivotal role of agriculture
is recognized and implemented.


     Upcoming opportunities:
  • Attend online presentations
  • Participate in working group meetings
  • Connect with Baha'is and collaborators to explore current thought and the station of agriculture within the Baha'i Faith
  • Participate in Reading Groups/ Book Studies
Many Thanks to our Presenters!
Presentations & Related Videos Available on YouTube:


Compilations of Bahá'í Writings

Food, Farmer, and Community: Agriculture and the Reconstruction of the World

A Special Regard for Agriculture


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